At a glance

The Bluebike supports the A2DP Profile (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). This technology allows to transmit music wireless into the helmet in HiFi stereo quality (200 - 20.000 Hz instead of the standard Bluetooth 500-4.000 Hz).

The rechargable Lithium-Ionen-battery supplies an operating time of min. 25 hours - appropriate use provided. This battery can be recharged with the charger either directly at the bike with 12V - also while driving - or at the power supply system with 110V-230V. Battery and Charger are included in the scope of delivery. After a charging time of only 1 hour the battery has a 90% capacity. 

The installation into the helmet is processed by the producer Votronic Technology GmbH or by authorized partners otherwise a guaranty is not possible.

We grant a 3-years-manufacturer-warranty - even for the battery as well as 3 years free software updates.

Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP (Cell phone, Navigation system, Music source, Intercommunication)

> 0,5 Watt output power (others: 0,2 Watt)

      3 Watt loudspeaker  (others: 0,5 watt)

     15 hours operating time - full load

      4 dBm transmission power,  Bluetooth® class II (10m for music and navigation)

    12 dBm transmission power intercommunication (50-700m)

     1 Ampere pulsed loading popwer (power from the bike or from 110-230V)

     1 hour - 90% charging capacity, 3 hours 100% charging capacity

        Fully automatic system (except special functions like redialing, voice dialing, TeamTalk,

        backtransfer of a phoneconversation from the helmet to the cell phone and vice versa)

        Automatic volume control/Noise cancellation

        Adjustable microphone sensitivity --> important for the VOX-function

        VOX-automatic or optionally intercommunication with permanent open microphone

        A2DP for HiFi stereo enjoyment

        Pronounced function-notices (e.g. microphone on or off, battery low, etc.)

        weight: < 100g