for Motorbikes with Stereo Equipment

The BlueTwin has been developed as an additional option for bikes with a fix installed stereo equipment. With the help of this high-tech electronics it is possible to transmit all information, which normally are output from the bord loudspeakers wireless will be transmitted to the BlueBike helmets via Bluetooth (also to the BlueBike of the pillion rider). As long as a BlueBike helmet is active, the bord loudspeakers are switched off, otherwise the loudspeakers automatically are switched on again.

Rider and pillion rider now can listen the FM radio as well as the navigation-announcements in the well-known BlueBike quality. The features of the BlueBike are not affected by the BlueTwin and fully remain available. The BlueTwin transfers the FM radio signal to a Bluetooth-Chip, which - on his part - supplies the A2DP signals to the Bluetooth-receivers in the helmets - normally these receivers are BlueBikes. 

The BlueTwin is working not only with the BlueBike - it also work with other Bluetooth-communication devices, provided that those devices dispose of the Bluetooth-standard 2.1 and EDR.

The BlueBike also is working - like all other BlueBike products - fully automatic - no annoying switching-over to the different modes an no longer waiting times due to changing the modes. A perfect completion to the BlueBike for a perfect audio enjoyment.


Twin Bluetooth transmitter (A2DP)

Two interfaces for MP3, Navigation or Radio and MP3 or Navigation

Automatic switching-on with ignition

Automatic adjustment of the music when navigation announcements are given

Automatic switching-off of the bord loudspeakers

Fix mounted (12V) at the motorbike - no battery operation

Universal usage

Suitable for external products (provided the Bluetooth standard BT 2.1 and EDR are given)