BlueBike Solo
BlueBike Solo
Entertainment for Solo riders

The BlueBike Solo especially is a small solution for Solo riders without intercommunication function, but with no concessions regarding quality and all other functions: Having a phone call, listening music in stereo and HiFi quality and listening the navigation system in the well known BlueBike quality. Loudspeaker, microphone and keypad are the same like the BlueBike. Without any problem a Bluetooth navigation systems and a cell phone can be logged in or a smart phone with all its functions or the BlueCenter as a high comfortable adaption for a 2-way-radio device (LPD/PMR) and much more.

An A2DP Channel is provided for HiFi music enjoyment as well as a handsfree connection for the cell phone. Moreover it is possible to listen the music from your cell phone (supposed, that the cell phone supports the A2DP profile).

Also as a matter of course is the automatic volume control. All these functions - as already known from the BlueBike - are controlled automatically. Even the keypad with its excellent handling and esthetics is the same. Al features comparably were considered while the development. And not to be forgotten the unique loudspeakers, which allows the proverbial BlueBike Sound. Thanks to the extremly small size of the BlueBike electronics the installation in nearly each helmet is feasible. 

The professional installation only may be realized by the manufacturer Votronic Technology GmbH or by authorized partners, otherwise a warranty cannot be granted.