BlueBike XL
BlueBike XL
Highend Communication

BlueBike®, Bluetainment for Bikers, is a motorbike communication system developed on the BlueTooth platform, which individually meets everybody's requirements. It doesn't matter wether a touring or sports rider is using the BlueBike® communication system - it works without disturbing cables, the headset with its electronics is installed professionally inside the helmet and it makes the biker's liberty safer and more comfortable. The biker has to forgo neither the wireless communication nor the entertainment: Intercommunication, Cell phone, Navigation and Music in HiFi quality - fully automatic - the hands at the handlebar!

The BlueBike offers the possibility to have a phone call with a Bluetooth® Cell phone and to use a voice controlled navigation system. With min. two BlueBikes you have a wireless Intercommunication. Neither rider nor pillion rider have to forgo the other functions of the BlueBike like having a phone call, listening Music in HiFi Stereo and voice controlled Navigation - all features remain available at any time. The noise cancellation - integrated in the BlueBike® electronics allows an optimal Full-duplex Intercommunication with the pillion rider or a second driver or in the TeamTalk mode with an endless number of BlueBikers in Simplex - even at a higher speed (depending from the helmet and the bike). Considering the different speeds and the ambient noise the volume automatically is in- or decreased accordingly.

The BlueBike® is a retrofit kit for nearly all approved helmets. The handling is relatively simple by an inconspicuous keypad - mounted sidewards at the helmet, which user friendly even can be handled also with gloves.

The professional installation only may be processed by specialists of the producer Votronic Technology GmbH or by partners, authorized from Votronic - otherwise no warranty will be granted.

The BlueBike® is an indispensable comfort - a intercommunication system for rider, pillion rider and for an endless number of BlueBikers (TeamTalk) as well and hence unique.

BlueBike® - worldwide unique! The quality is unrevaled!